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The Team


A Little About Us


Parallel Vision Post was born out of love for people and wanting to improve their lives by discovering creative solutions together. We do this by building strong, genuine relationships with clients to learn what they want to say, and more importantly, why. We specialize in video editing and motion design but also work in 3D, mix audio and color correct. We work closely with many other creatives around Cleveland too, like videographers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, web designers and developers. The core team is small but our creative collaborators make this company a powerhouse.

The company was started in October of 2017 in a small home office. Since then, it has moved into an actual office located in Avon, Ohio. The overwhelming growth and reach we have seen in a short time is humbling and we’re grateful for every single person we’ve met and all the guidance we have received. We work with companies all over the country (and the world) but it’s really special when we can help out one of our Cleveland neighbors.


Brandan Baki - Principal, Editor and Motion Designer

I am a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and have worked for Method Studios, Akron Children’s Hospital and Outcome Health creating content for marketing, education, TV commercials, music videos and short films. In 2017, I created Parallel Vision Post, an independent post-production studio in Avon. In 2018, I launched the Cleveland chapter of the Freelancer’s Union SPARK program which I currently Co-Lead.

I grew up in Elyria but moved to Chicago for work (I’ve lived there for nine years in total). At the end of 2017, I decided to move back to Ohio with my wife and daughter. In the little free time that any business owner has, I love to write (a never-ending fiction book) and watch Cleveland sports.


Summer Baki - CFO

Summer can’t type. But she can do a lot of other things. She can misplace my Wacom pen. She can scream louder than the volume on my headphones. She can say her ABC’s and count to 10. Sometimes she counts to 20 but only when she wants to. Never if you ask. (She’s very independent.)

She’s hilarious and smart as heck. She’s the best.


Maddox Baki - Intern

Always disproving the adage of old dogs and new tricks, Maddox has been vital to the success of Parallel Vision Post. Can he make coffee? No. Can he get us lunch? Not so much. Can he assist in edits? He doesn’t have thumbs because he’s a dog. (His picture is right here.)

But when we need someone to sleep 90% of the day, he’s our go to guy.